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Sexual Addiction Counseling

For many men, the journey of recovery from sex addiction begins unwillingly, after discovery by others. Others simply recognize they are not living life in the way they want. Many men have tried numerous approaches to stopping their behaviors previously, but none of these attempts have worked long term. 


At New Directions Counseling we want to provide hope and courage for those who want to be free  of addiction. Beginning on this journey requires strength and humility, the courage to face past behaviors, and the humility to acknowledge any hurt those behaviors may have caused to yourself and others. 


Recovery is difficult and demanding, requiring honesty and accountability. It is also life-changing and refreshing, providing peace of mind and new possibilities for more authentic, intimate relationships. If you are ready to reach out, we are here to help you find hope, truth, and healing.

At New Directions Counseling we have two Men's Group led by Certified Sexual Addictions Therapists. We use the Patrick Carnes model which uses the 30 task model to help those recovering from sexual addiction.




Individual Therapy

In indvidual therapy clients deal with issues such as childhood trauma, childhood of origin issues, couples issues, guilt, and shame to help understand the psychological implications of addiction.


In Group Therapy we use the book "Facing the Shadows" by Patrick Carnes to help clients obtain education and support to help with addiction.

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New Directions Counseling Group, LLC

150 S. Washington St. suite 303

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Initial Consultation:  Included is Sexual Dependency Inventory(SDI), Post Traumatic Stress Inventory(PTSI), biopsychosocial asessment, and treatment recommendations.

Fee: $250 per two hour assessment.

  • Individual Therapy-$150 per 60 minute session

  • Group Therapy-$90 per 90 minutes session

  • Couples Therapy-$225 per 90 minutes session


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