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Helping Individuals and Families with Addicitions

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   Since 1991, I have been a business owner, administrator, professional trainer, addiction specialist, and counselor/psychotherapist in the mental health, social service and/or addiction fields. Currently, I am owner of New Directions Couneling Group.
My therapeutic style is supportive, solution focused, analytical, and educational, while also being warm, intuitive, healing, spiritual, and compassionate. I believe that for every problem, there is a solution; and within the safety of a trusting and respectful therapeutic relationship lies the power to overcome the most seemingly overwhelming obstacles.
My specialties include addictions(substance abuse, sexual addiction, gambling, eating disorders), mood disorders(depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder), change of life issues, co-dependency, couples/marital counseling, and adjustment disorders.
In addition to individual counseling I lead group therapy for people in recovery from addictions. My recent trainings include certification from the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals.

150 S. Washington St. Suite 303

Falls Church, VA 22046

(703) 853-7711

(703) 462-9121 Fax

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